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Working with Howdy can save you time and increase your efficiency. Here are the main reasons why you should grow your development team with us. 

Talent Retention 

Retention is one of the most common complaints we hear from CEOs, CTO, or Leaders that are looking to create a technology team. Most developers have a 9-month average tenure. 

In most cases, high turnover is caused by the developer not feeling like a member of the team, the fact that it is a remote job with limited interaction and communication, and a lack of growth opportunities, among other reasons. 

At Howdy, we have a 98% retention rate, meaning our developers really stick around. And you may be asking: How did we get to this number? Well, we simply and truly care for our employees. It’s a basic concept but really hard to achieve in fast-paced startups or in big companies in which usually employees are treated like just a number. Actually, it worries us when companies have stressful projects and unrealistic deadlines but this seems OK because they have bowling alleys or table tennis in the office. That’s not one of the best benefits dev’s need in order to do their best work. So we really ask ourselves: Do our teammates have a say on their teams? Do they have influence on their teams? Do they feel listened to or are treated like contractors or freelancers?

Besides providing equipment and benefits such as Macbook pros, premium health care, gym passes, access to tech experts, mentorship and guidance, swag, after-hour events, referral bonuses, etc., we take it one step further: we care about their well-being and provide them with all the comforts that they would receive working for a top-tier company in their country. We support them throughout their entire careers providing them with what they want and need, wherever they are located.

This is clearly different from what freelancer platforms or recruiting agencies offer -if they do so-. Although these types of companies can and will select devs for you, they won’t be able to guarantee they stay on your team for long, as they don’t have the tools or the same value proposition as Howdy.

Talent Quality

It is vital to have the greatest recruitment process in order to obtain the top developers, and we take care of that: our process for recruiting a new developer is intense and rigorous.

There is a lot of accessible talent in Latin American countries; but honestly,  the top developers are almost certainly working in the greatest local/global companies. As a result, a freelance job proposal with no comforts, no office, and 100% remote may seem an unstable and insecure option for them. 

We always say at Howdy we have the best of both worlds for our devs. We make sure they have job security and feel comfortable, providing them with all of the same benefits and perks they would receive working for a company in their own country, but offering more competitive salaries and work-life flexibility. Howdy is a secure environment: every decision that we make in our company is based on the well-being of the developer. We want to inspire people, we want them to come to work -at the office or at home-, be inspired, and then get a job at the company they want to work for. We think about the evolution of inspiration.

Our matching process is done carefully taking into account our partner’s needs and also our dev’s needs and desires, so we pair engineers with partners keeping in mind the hard requirements but also making sure the match is a solid cultural fit. A recruitment agency, instead, will be able to quickly find developers that match the requirements the client needs, but it will not go too deeply to see whether or not it is a suitable cultural fit.

For this reason, our recruitment process is complex and broken into parts. We screen for top candidates by sending them through a rigorous 6-step interview process evaluating architectural design, code quality, English, and soft skills like emotional intelligence, leadership and communication skills. We want to know how they interact with others, how they solve difficult situations, and see if they have the strategic thinking skills that our clients need. Only the best make it through.

Save time

Job board platforms are a good source of candidates but there’s still the coordination overhead to manage.  Our Howdy recruiting team will automatically:

1) market your company to developers

2) do the pre-vetting

3) coordinate and schedule every interview -from the screening to the technical ones-. This way you can focus on building your business while we source and pre-vet candidates for you.

In other words, we take care of everything: the sourcing, the vetting, the payroll, the local benefits & perks, the procurement, and -our personal favorite- Dev Retention.

Reduce Cost 

Compared to working with a freelance or recruiting agency, Howdy is a cost-effective solution. With Howdy, you pay week-to-week with no added fees or contractual obligations. We eliminate the need to pay high fees to a recruiter or to hire a team of recruiters to handle your hiring needs, which can be very expensive. Additionally, our pricing model is transparent and predictable, which allows you to budget for your hiring needs more effectively.

Why Howdy?

In conclusion, working with Howdy can be beneficial for companies looking to grow their development team. The main benefits include talent retention, talent quality, time savings, and cost reduction. Howdy’s 98% retention rate is attributed to their genuine care for their employees’ well-being, which goes beyond providing equipment and benefits. They also have an intense and rigorous recruitment process that ensures the top developers are selected, and they carefully match engineers with partners to ensure a solid cultural fit. Howdy’s recruiting team handles everything, including sourcing, vetting, and coordinating interviews, which saves companies time and money. Compared to working with freelancers or recruiting agencies, Howdy is a more cost-effective solution with transparent and predictable pricing. Partnering with Howdy can help companies save time and increase efficiency in building their development team.

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