Taking your first steps in Crypto? Here are 3 wallets to get you started

Crypto wallets are an essential tool for anyone looking to buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrency. They allow you to store your digital assets securely, access your funds whenever you need them, and manage your transactions with ease. But with so many different options available, it can be difficult to know which wallet to choose. In […]

If you think the future of work is remote, you’re halfway there

The sense of community within a team can significantly impact its ability to retain talent. When employees feel part of a close-knit community, they are more likely to be engaged, satisfied with their work, and committed to staying with the organization for the long term. Here’s why you need community for your business to succeed.  […]

Not another cheat sheet about technical interviews

Technical interviews can be intimidating, especially if you’re unsure what to expect. Many candidates turn to cheat sheets and online resources to get an idea of what they will be asked and how to prepare. While these resources can be helpful, they are often so scattered all over the web that the good ones are […]

The Startup Founder’s Guide to Hire a Full-Stack Developer

hire full stack developer cover photo

As anyone who has worked in the tech industry knows, a full-stack developer is a valuable player on any team. This type of developer truly understands how all parts of a web app or website come together to form a functioning whole. Not only can they create and maintain the front-end and back-end functionality, but […]

Crypto 101: a guide for beginners 

If you are new to the crypto ecosystem or want to relearn essential concepts that you already know, we put together this guide with basic (and not so basic knowledge) that you need to know. What are cryptocurrencies?  How do cryptocurrencies work? What is blockchain?  Bitcoin, the first crypto Ethereum, a whole ecosystem  Altcoins Stablecoins […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Asking for Help in Software Development

Asking for help as a software developer - cover image

I would like to start this post by stating that software developers should learn from team sports like soccer. It doesn’t matter if you are Messi, Ronaldo, or Suárez, eventually, you will need help from your team. And if you watch a soccer game when they are playing, you’ll notice that no one is afraid […]

Why should you be developing software with LATAM developers?

Cover Image - Why should you be developing software with LATAM developers?

Software development is one of the predominant sectors with the potential to cause explosive growth due to geographic advantages. This is especially true as foreign companies seek to increase their digital presence in the pandemic’s wake. This is the case in Latin America, a fertile ground for creating a development center in a geographically strategic […]

How to Improve Knowledge Sharing in a New Role

When starting a new job, we commonly experience some difficulties. Sometimes, this is because the team needs to provide us with more information or because it is a startup with no documented processes. The desire to show proactivity and productivity will quickly fade if nothing changes the situation. Here are some tips that, in my […]

How to Scale Fast with a Dedicated Software Development Team

dedicated software development team

Are you an Engineering Manager or CTO of a startup that’s growing rapidly? As your startup begins to gain traction, you’ll quickly realize that you can’t do everything yourself. At some point, you’re going to need to start building out a team of engineers to help you turn your vision into reality. But where do […]

Howdy y’all!

New Howdy Branding

Howdy y’all! Who we are We’re Jacqueline and Frank from Howdy. We met many years ago while working as leaders at the same tech company, Jacqueline in sales and Frank in engineering. As more and more capital kept coming to our city, Austin, we struggled to build our tech teams: we found it very difficult […]

Questions to ask your interviewer

Nothing says more about your interest in a position than asking questions. Why? Think about the people that are interviewing you. They are trying to find someone that fits a position description. So, in order to get the job (or at least reach the last round of interviews), you will need to do some extra […]

Crypto: How it started

Cryptography is the science (and art) of writing messages that no one but the intended receiver can read. The name derives from either the French word cryptographie or from Modern Latin cryptographia both of which find their roots in the Greek kryptos “hidden” + graphia “writing or recording”. Historically, the human race needed to communicate […]

How We Keep US Tech Teams Accountable for Building Great Teams

At Howdy, we care about the well-being of our developers. In fact, we care so much that we designed an entire company to support you. We know competition for top-tier developers is fierce and in parts of the world, there’s 0% unemployment for software engineers. For the developer talent pool, having a job that pays […]

Learning How to Walk the Talk

A Reflection by Taylor Numbers, Internal Community Manager at Howdy. I often feel like I need to work until the work is done -and maybe this is because I’m submerged in this American way of work do-it-all or maybe it is because I am a woman in a tech field- I don’t know. But here’s […]

Covid 19: the Van Helsing of Zombies & Orcs Scrum Team

Do you remember 2019? Yes, 2019. That year will end with the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic that hit our country in March of 2020. But let’s go back to October 3, 2019. That day I gave a talk named Scrum Zombie & Orc Scrum teams as part of the JIS.uy of 2019. In that […]

3D Modeling Done Easy: Object Capture with Apple’s ARkit

What’s Object Capture? For years Apple has been improving their AR/VR games through software in their ARKit and Machine learning frameworks. But recently they made two significant leaps in AR. First, Apple added a LIDAR sensor to their pro devices which provides exceptional depth tracking, and second, they’ve included a new capability called **Object Capture**, […]

How to improve quality, efficiency and team communication with just one step

  As software developers, we are always looking for ways to improve our everyday work, make our lives easier and provide good value for the companies that we are working with. It’s important as developers that we continue to look ahead and solve problems today so that we are not fixing the same bugs tomorrow. […]

Austin Software Expands in Colombia

And just like that, we opened a coworking space for our teammates in Medellín, Colombia! Following our motto ‘we want to be where talent is‘, Directors of Austin Software recently traveled to Colombia to inaugurate a brand new office, which is designed to be a learning point that inspires and promotes creativity and collaboration.   […]

3D Modeling Done Easy (Part 2)

In my previous post “3D Modeling Done Easy,” I introduced Apple’s latest AR features and explained why they are opening the AR flood gates. To quickly recap: for years one of the biggest difficulties with AR was the ability to easily add 3D objects into a scene without going through an expensive process of creating […]

Use Metabase to empower your stakeholders with self service data dashboards

As engineers sometimes we must make architecture decisions like whether to use SQL or NoSQL DB. These technical decisions are probably something that end users don’t care much about, at least not initially. However, eventually people become interested in analyzing business data and they are especially interested in self service data analysis. If a startup […]

5 Easy Ways to Create Work/Life Balance

In fifteen years of working, I can tell you one of the most important things I have learned in my career: make work-life balance a priority. With the proper balance, studies show we perform better at work and are more present at home. We have energy and motivation to tackle the tough projects and still […]

3 Tips to make Remote Work Easier

As developers, the teams you work on can have a broad spectrum of work styles. Job opportunities can range from full-time in office work, to part-time work from home (maybe some days at home where your colleagues are only a whim away) to complete digital nomad (where you change places and time zones from one […]

Lightweight Diagrams to Understand your Code

‍ In this constantly changing world, where requirements change from minute to minute, good old diagrams have gone out of fashion. Once the gold standard for expressing how code works, they are sometimes overlooked in modern software development because of their heavyweight nature; they take lots of time to create and they become outdated quickly. […]

How We Keep US Tech Teams Accountable for Building Great Teams

At Howdy, we care about the well-being of our developers. In fact, we care so much that we designed an entire company to support you. We know competition for top-tier developers is fierce and in parts of the world, there’s 0% unemployment for software engineers. For the developer talent pool, having a job that pays […]

Detecting “Wont Fix” Issues with Machine Learning

Key takeaways The main reason to mark an issue as wontfix (or discard it) is already implemented / not needed change requests. The second reason is bug reports that are not bugs actually. Both of them are easily avoidable: using Machine Learning if the issue writer or bug reporter use a template to: a) demonstrate […]

How to Automatically Refactor Your Code and Save Time

Have you ever wished there was an automated refactoring tool? ‍ While working on a Python code base, I was refactoring a considerable amount of Python from using named tuples to using Enums instead. ‍ As an example, I was refactoring code from this: To this: Of course imagine having to do this refactor for […]

esbuild: A Fast Javascript Bundler Suitable for Large Projects

Anyone who has developed any project using Javascript knows how complicated and full of options the tooling can be. Javascript’s diverse platform support and varied use cases require specialized tools for different tasks: transpilers, bundlers, plugins, etc. In spite of this, these tools share one constant thread; the tools themselves are mostly written in Javascript! […]

Developer Dilema: No Time to Read the Docs

I’m actually impressed you have time to read this 🙂 Have you ever been on a project that required you to use new technology but you didn’t feel like you had time to read documentation? You’re not alone. To address this problem, there’s a shift in the US to focus on products and teams and […]

What Science Says About Getting Your PR Accepted

Learn about what makes your PR accepted/rejected (hint: It’s not quality.) Ever wonder what makes developers accept PRs? the article “Does code quality affect pull request acceptance? An empirical study” contains an interesting insight into this question because it reviews many studies on how PRs are actually accepted/rejected.  It’s unique because it confirms previously discovered […]