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Adriano O.
Principal Engineer
Spring Boot
Google Cloud
Cascading Style Sheets

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Adriano is a software developer dedicated to achieving technical mastery while addressing real-world challenges. With a background in Electrical Engineering, specializing in Electronics and Computer Science, he embarked on a career focused on solving and automating issues through well-designed software systems.

Over the past 12 years, experience has been gained across multiple industries, including mobile devices, home appliances, and financial services. This diverse background has facilitated the acquisition of skills in various technologies, from low-level programming in C for Android embedded systems to using high-level frameworks like Python for data processing and Java Spring Boot for back-end development.

Throughout these professional endeavors, technical proficiency has been honed along with essential soft skills such as teamwork, an agile mindset, and a customer-oriented approach. Committed to overcoming increasingly complex problems, he believes that continuous learning is the fundamental key to success.