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Built in Austin to solve the biggest challenge facing US tech companies — scaling their teams.

Let us help you directly recruit, manage, and retain Latin America’s top 1%.

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Image of Enzo G.
Enzo G.Back-end and Systems Engineer
Image of Raphael R.
Raphael R.Mobile Engineer - iOS
Image of Carlos S.
Carlos S.Product Manager
Image of Javier F.
Javier F.Mobile Engineer - iOS

Hundreds of Companies Trust Howdy
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Howdy provides infrastructure, mentorship, office space, and community to every person you hire. That's why companies that partner with us see a 98% retention rate among those placements.

Mi casa es su casa-- Howdy Houses are designed to be your company's outpost in LatAm. Extend your teams culture globally.


Traditional hiring is
slow and expensive.

  • Cross iconEndless candidate search
  • Cross iconOverloaded screening
  • Cross iconConstant turnover
  • Cross iconHigh local talent cost
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$ 97K
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$ 224K

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$ 127K

Employer Cost

Howdy savings:

$ 97K

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Thanks to our Cost Calculator, you can estimate how much you're saving when hiring top LatAm talent with no middlemen or hidden fees.

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