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Elgin, Texas

The partner

Nano Home is an HVAC filter subscription service founded in Austin during the pandemic. The brand's high-tier filters are designed in a state-of-the-art production facility in central Texas, and independently certified to capture 98.4 of viruses and 100 percent of common allergens in the air.

The problem: Forgotten filters

As a brand-new company, Nano ran into a problem.

"A big part of Nano is our subscription service," said Phillip Quick, Chief Operating Officer at Nano. "One issue we identified early on is that people were forgetting to change their filters."

To tackle this problem, the Nano team decided to perform customer service outreach to remind subscribers to make the switch. Having had a positive experience using Howdy at Armbrust, the Nano team turned to the LatAm hiring platform to build a customer service team.

The Howdy solution: Customer service reps with impeccable English

Howdy connected Nano with a team of three experienced customer service reps with impeccable, accentless English. The reps had customer service backgrounds in major companies like AT&T.

Proudly and loudly domestically manufactured, Nano needed reps who could speak excellent English, Quick noted.

"One of our biggest marketing elements has been offering American-made products," he said. "Our consumers expect our reps to not have accents."

The results: A white glove experience

Within less than a week, the Howdy team was operating at full speed, according to Quick.

In addition to being quick to learn, the Howdy reps are a pleasure to work with, he added.

"The reps will always greet me in the morning," Quick said. "It's a nice touch that makes it feel like they are happy to be working with us."

The Howdy players are an integral part of Nano's ability to offer a white glove experience to its subscribers, according to Josh Rubin, Chief Marketing Officer at Armbrust.

"Howdy stepped in to help with a low-cost, high-touch component in our business strategy and they were indispensable because of that," Rubin said. "When building a subscription service, it's all about the concierge experience. The Howdy customer support reps allowed us to scale that model." 

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