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Los Angeles County, California

The partner

Metalsmart is an online precious metals market on a mission to connect users with better deals on silver, gold, and other precious metals. A pioneer in the industry, the U.S.-based startup lets customers shop and compare prices from a large, vetted network of precious metal dealers. (Think Lending Tree but for the precious metals market instead of mortgages.)

The challenge

As an industry innovator, Metalsmart needed a trusted team to build a secure, user-friendly online platform from the ground up. The task called for experienced, nimble developers with a knack for problem-solving. Drawn by its reputation for connecting companies with top-tier global talent, Metalsmart turned to Howdy.

The Howdy solution

Howdy helped Metalsmart assemble a team of expert developers with the precise skill sets needed. Working closely with Metalsmart founder Steve Pelletier and his team, the Howdy engineers helped create and refine the company's platform.

"I have never worked with such a motivated team of near-shore engineers in my many years building tech companies," Steve said. "We work together as partners to build and deploy the best product we can."

Stever applauded the experience, responsive communication, and dedication of Howdy engineers.

"They took immediate ownership of our project," Steve said. "They added

value by offering useful suggestions instead of just doing what was specified. They have provided strong input into the product and a roadmap."

The outcome

In the end, Howdy engineers didn't just deliver on Steve's expectations — they exceeded them.

"They worked like bulldogs, even off-hours, and helped me build a product earlier and better than I planned," Steve said.

Stever wasn't the only one happy with the partnership. Julian, a Howdy software developer, also praised the experience, noting that he and his fellow Howdy hires felt welcomed and trusted by the Metalsmart team.

"As engineers, we’ve felt like we belong since day one," Julian said. "Trust transforms into ownership, and ownership transforms into positive and overwhelming results. When you feel that your opinion is accounted for and that your ideas matter, the sky’s the limit."

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