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Austin, Texas

The partner

OJO, an Austin-based real estate tech company, is on a mission to improve every step of the homeownership journey. The OJO platform lets users conduct custom home searches, calculate buying power and find local real estate experts. By offering robust tools and personalized guidance, OJO empowers people to buy, manage and sell properties confidently.

The challenge

OJO wanted to expand its engineering team but was hesitant about integrating remote devs into their team.

The Howdy solution

Howdy set out to dispel OJO's reservations about working with an international team. Tailoring their recruitment efforts to OJO's precise needs, Howdy sourced, hired and onboarded a team of talented LATAM engineers.

The outcome

Within days of incorporating Howdy engineers into the OJO teams, hesitations about working with contract developers were dispelled, according to Qingqing Ouyang, Executive Vice President of Engineering at OJO

"The commitment shown by Howdy engineers completely changed our perception," Qingqing said. "OJO and Howdy engineers work seamlessly as a team, integrating and collaborating effectively."

OJO works with other engineering partners, but Howdy shines because of the ongoing support they provide their devs, according to Qingqing.

"Howdy actively listens to their engineers and helps them resolve day-to-day issues, which is truly unique," Qingqing said. "What sets Howdy apart is their genuine care for people, and this makes a significant difference in how much effort people are willing to put in for the company.

The Howdy engineer experience

Teambuilding is a two-way street, and Howdy engineers report feeling welcomed and appreciated by the OJO team.

"I was continually acknowledged, encouraged and recognized, which boosted my confidence in my ability to make things happen, said Pablo A., a Senior Software Developer at Howdy. "The exceptional leadership of Qingqing was one of the standout parts of my time there. Her support and encouragement were crucial for my personal and professional growth."

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