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Consumer Goods

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30+ employees

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Austin, Texas

The partner

LoudCrowd is a creator commerce platform that helps brands get more social sales by promoting creator-driven shopping experiences. The LoudCloud platform lets businesses give customers their own shoppable Influencer Storefronts, instantly transforming them into brand ambassadors. Ambassador Storefronts are automatically generated and are backed by powerful tools that capture ROI and revenue growth.

The challenge

Dynamic and evolving fast, LoudCrowd was on the hunt for a new software engineer who could adapt and figure out solutions quickly.

The Howdy solution

Howdy hooked LowdCrowd up with Andy, a senior software developer from LATAM. Howdy identified Andy as the right fit for LowdCrowd's unique product and company culture, and supported him through the hiring and onboarding process.

Andy didn't disappoint.

"Andy jumped in and he’s been flying through onboarding," Josh Garrisi, Director of Engineering at LowdCrowd. "He had his coding environment up and running within half a day — which is a new record for us — and he had his first code in production on day two."

The outcome

Now, as an integrated member of the LoudCrowd team, Andy continues to impress.

"Andy is his usual amazing self, knocking one piece of work after another," Josh said. "I can hardly keep up with him to make sure he has enough of a roadmap."

The Howdy engineer experience

Andy himself reports feeling welcome and appreciated by the LoudCrowd team.

"Since my first day at LoudCrowd, I’ve felt like a valued team member," Andy said. "The thorough onboarding process helped me to integrate quickly and become productive. I appreciate that my work at LoudCrowd is enjoyable and challenging, providing opportunities for personal and professional growth."

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