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Swyft Filings is an incorporation service that automates the business filing process for entrepreneurs. The platform helps new companies file paperwork quickly and correctly, saving them time and money by avoiding expensive mistakes. To date, Swyft Filings has helped kickstart more than 300,000 companies across industries.

The problem: Unsatisfactory contractor code

Before Howdy, Swyft Filings was partnered with a global contracting provider. It wasn't working out.

"We were disenchanted with the provider," said Lee Pointer, Head of Engineering at Swyft Filings. "The contract developers they supplied us with didn't understand best practices for software."

The Swyft Filings team was unhappy with the code quality and results they were getting from the contract developers, Pointer said.

Swyft Filings wanted to replace its dev contractors with a permanent team of talented engineers in it for the long haul. What the company didn't want was to be overburdened with the sourcing, interviewing, and hiring process. That's where Howdy came in.

The Howdy solution: Expert engineers in it for the long-haul

Over six short months, Howdy helped Swyft Filings build a top-notch dev team. Howdy expedited the hiring process, sourcing and pre-screening candidates to ensure each one was the right fit for the project.

"Howdy significantly reduces the time spent interviewing and sourcing candidates, allowing us to focus more on integrating the team, coding, and delivering results," said Kevin Marion, Director of Technical Program Management at Swyft Filings.

The results: Improved architecture and overall product

Kevin called his decision to work with Howdy for engineer recruitment "one of the best decisions we have made".

"Our partnership with the Howdy team has been immensely valuable," Kevin said. "They possess a deep understanding of our business and serve as an additional set of resources, contributing to the management and enhancement of our team."

The Howdy engineer experience: Collaborative and fulfilling work

Howdy devs also valued the partnership, calling the experience "productive" and "immensely gratifying".

“At Swyft Filings, I’ve discovered the exact atmosphere I was seeking," said Sebastian, a Howdy software developer. "I find myself genuinely at ease and thoroughly enjoy collaborating with this exceptional team."

"We enjoyed the autonomy to lay the foundational technical aspects of the product, fostering a strong sense of trust," added Christian, also a Howdy software developer. "This client truly appreciates the team’s expertise and fosters an exceptional spirit of collaboration."

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