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Austin, Texas

The partner is an all-in-one live music and event management software. The platform was founded in Austin, Texas by a team of music biz professionals seeking to tackle long-standing industry problems. Prism combines booking, financial tools, calendars, contracts, and data analysis in a centralized location. The state-of-the-art platform empowers venues, promoters, and other industry professionals to automate time-consuming tasks and calculations, boosting efficiency, reducing errors, and enabling clients to focus on what matters: delivering an exceptional live music experience. Prism is the trusted platform of over 10,000 venues and agencies around the globe, including Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Atlas Touring, and Goldengate Talent Agency.

The problem: No time to waste headhunting

Like any smart startup, Prism knows the importance of delegation. Instead of investing time, energy, and resources into hiring, the brand decided to team up with a hiring partner.

Prism was looking for engineers with experience in Laravel — its backend PHP framework — and Angular — its frontend framework. In addition to expertise, it was important to the brand to hire integrated team members who felt a strong sense of ownership over the product, said Luke Zilioli, Lead Engineer at Prism.

"Before working with Howdy, we had hired people who felt more like contractors," he said. "They were a little less inclined to integrate themselves with the team and make suggestions."

The Howdy solution: A comprehensive partner

Prism was drawn to the Howdy hiring approach, a comprehensive, ethical staffing solution that balances company needs with LatAm professionals seeking meaningful work.

"We liked the idea of being able to explain what we needed," Zilioli said. "Howdy would source candidates that not only fit the role but also fit the brand's personality."

Partnered with Howdy, Prism sourced, interviewed, and onboarded two back-end and four front-end engineers.

"With Howdy, we got to treat the new hires as team members," Zilioli said. "We onboarded them the same way we would full-time, salaried local employees."

The results: Integrated, instrumental teammates

Fast forward two years to the present day, and Howdy devs are continuing to excel, according to Zilioli.

"Howdy hires jumped in and helped us with a ton of projects," he said. "They've contributed a lot and become instrumental to the team."

Howdy engineers are knowledgable team players who take ownership of their tasks, Zilioli noted.

"The Howdy hires have a good understanding of their codebase or whatever domain they're working on," he said. "They contribute to the conversation and ask questions."

The devs participate in team meetings and remote happy hours, and two of them flew to Austin to attend a company summit, Zilioli said.

"It's been great to see how the Howdy engineers have integrated with the team and exactly what I wanted," he said.

The Prism team also appreciates the ongoing support Howdy provides — both to the partner and the engineers, Zilioli added.

"We enjoy the regular check-ins we have with Howdy," Zilioli said. "We appreciate that the engineers have support from a Howdy mentor. What Howdy does makes a lot of sense for both parties."

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