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New York, New York

The partner: Furey

Furey is an accounting, finance, and payroll partner for venture-backed startups. The company combines personalized guidance with tech-enabled solutions to meet the unique needs of fast-growing companies. To date, Furey's clients—startups spanning a range of industries—have raised more than $2 billion in funding.

The goal: Support growth with new talent

One of the world's oldest and most traditional industries, accounting has long been associated with conservative practices. But — as you might have already picked up on — Furey isn't your typical accounting firm.

"A lot of accounting firms have been doing the same thing for a very long time," said Mark Fala, Head of Accounting at Furey.

Furey sets itself apart with a growth mindset and empathy-driven approach. The brand tunes into its clients' needs and evolution to be proactive about delivering custom solutions.

The Howdy solution: A proactive hiring partner

By 2023, Furey was exploring new ways to expand their team while maintaining a people-first, innovation-driven culture. That's when the company found Howdy, an Austin-based platform that helps companies hire long-term talent in LatAm.

Through Howdy, Furey hired three experienced accountants from LatAm. Howdy handled multi-national logistics, contracts, and compliance, and assisted with every stage of the hiring process — from sourcing to onboarding.

"The admin team was transparent and proactive about addressing feedback," Fala said. "We continue to chat weekly about high-level thoughts and questions."

The result: A talented team that shares brand values

Less than a year after joining Furey, the Howdy hires are exceeding the team's expectations, according to Fala.

Howdy hires are not just contractors, but a key part of Furey company culture that supports its growing client base.

"We've been able to get them more involved in various areas of our work which allows us to further the efficiency, accuracy, and scalability of our services for our clients,” Fala said.

In addition to mastery of Fuery's essential tools — like QuickBooks, NetSuite, BILL, and other tech-enabled platforms— the Howdy accountants demonstrate a willingness to learn, he added.

"That's the biggest thing for us — a willingness to jump into new things, figure them out, and find solutions to problems," Fala said.

Importantly Howdy players are top-notch communicators, he reported.

"Our Howdy team members have been helpful in providing real-time feedback so we can help our team do their best work and better serve our clients," Fala said.

Howdy team members, for their part, appreciate Fuery's commitment to improvement and employee growth.

"Fuery's dynamic environment encourages ongoing learning," said Micaela Collado, Howdy Player and Accounting Associate at Furey. "I am grateful to be part of such a forward-thinking company that not only focuses on client success but also genuinely invests in the development of its team members."

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