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Grimes, Iowa

About National Carwash Solutions

National Carwash Solutions (NCS) has been manufacturing car wash equipment for over four decades. Founded in 1973 as Ryko Solutions, NCS was one of the nation's first manufacturers of automated car wash equipment. Today, NCS provides service, parts and environmentally friendly cleaning fluids to car wash operators across North America.

The problem: A rapidly evolving digital landscape

The industry has changed a lot in the 40+ years NCS has been in the car wash equipment business.

To keep pace with a constantly evolving digital landscape, NCS needed to grow its software development team. The company hoped to expand the team with experienced, resourceful devs to help tackle a stream of new projects involving their front-end, back-end and mobile app.

Noah Hunter, NCS' Director of Engineering, suggested hiring through Howdy. Hunter had worked with Howdy engineers at a previous company and had a positive experience.

"I worked with a team of 12 Howdy engineers; it was great," Hunter said.

Howdy's solution: An expert developer and support team

Howdy helped NCS source and interview developers from a thoroughly vetted LatAm talent pool. Soon, NCS had onboarded Tomas Vukasovic, a senior software developer with extensive experience in back-end web development.

Vukasovic may be based in Argentina — thousands of miles from the NCS headquarters in Grimes, Iowa — but he isn't on his own. Like all Howdy hires, Vukasovic is backed by Howdy's hallmark support system, which includes a local mentor, access to a physical office and a community of Howdy devs.

The outcome: Growing with Howdy

NCS had initial concerns about issues like time zones and language barriers — but these fears were quickly dispelled with the new Howdy hire.

"Our current Howdy engineer is a great resource," Hunter said. "He's two hours ahead of us, but we don't run into issues."

Hunter appreciates the ongoing support Howdy provides to its employees.

"Howdy engineers have someone they can trust on their side," Hunter said. "If they run into questions, they can ask their mentor 'What do you suggest?'"

Vukasovic, for his part, has thrived during his time at NCS.

"It's a great culture match," Vukasovic said. "The work is challenging and engaging."

Currently, Hunter is in the process of introducing two more Howdy members to his team.

"We other departments that may roll into me as well," Hunter said. "And if they do, I'll probably be looking to expand those teams with Howdy, too.

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