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Boston, Massachusetts

The partner

SimSpace designs digital replicas of enterprises' tech stacks for cybersecurity training. The Boston-based company was created by experts from U.S. Cyber Command and MIT's Lincoln Laboratory in response to the ever-evolving threat of cybercrime. SimSpace works with advanced Fortune 2000 companies, national and state governments, top banks, and national infrastructure organizations to help them withstand sophisticated online attacks.

The problem: Collaborating across time zones

SimSpace's mission — to design an automated, cost-effective evaluation method for calculating cyber risks — isn't a simple one. The company requires engineers who are whip-smart and talented, as well as collaborative and communicative.

"SimSpace is iterative," said Nate Eide, Vice President of Engineering at SimSpace. "We need teams that can collaborate and work cohesively together."

But Eide knew from experience that building a solid international team can be challenging.

"I've worked with teams in nearly every continent and the setups have largely been varying degrees of unsuccessful," Eide said.

To excel at SimSpace, engineers need to feel connected and invested in the company mission, Eide knew.

"You can't build a great team without connection," he explained.

The Howdy solution: A team extension model

Seeking something different than a traditional contracting agency, SimSpace turned to Howdy. As LatAm recruiting excerpts, Howdy is designed for companies who want to hire ethically and sustainably, while getting support with culture and culture.

"Howdy helps fix some of the issues that come with building international teams," Eide said. "They offer a team extension model, where the developers are treated like any other person on our team."

Howdy also promotes long-term employment, which was important for SimSpace, according to Eide.

"We want long-standing relationships," Eide said. "We don't want people who are going to be here a year or even two years; we want them to be with us as long as they can be — and Howdy supports that model."

The outcome: Integrated engineering stars

Partnering with Howdy, SimSpace interviewed and hired five software engineers across different types of specialties. In addition to a collaborative spirit, Eide appreciates the talent and expertise the Howdy engineers bring to the company.

"A couple of the engineers are the stars of their teams already," Eide said.

SimSpace values how the Howdy model allows remote engineers to integrate into the company, according to Eide.

"With Howdy, we can build relationships with our hires," Eide said. "We can be interested in their careers. We can make sure that they're successful."

Eide's appreciation extends beyond the Howdy engineers.

"Everyone we work with at Howdy has this attitude of being interested in us and our success," Eide said. "They're truly a partner; it feels like we're all in this together."

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