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About Workrise

Workrise is a workforce management platform for the skilled labor industries. Founded in 2014 as RigUp, Workrise was built on the premise that sourcing skilled labor could be done more efficiently. The company rebranded as Workrise in 2021 as it broadened its focus beyond the oil and gas to include the wind, solar, construction, and defense industries.

In a nutshell, Workrise uses technology to connect labor with jobs. Skilled laborers can use the platform to find work, while energy companies use it to handle everything from recruiting and onboarding to worker management and payments. Workrise is based in Austin, Texas, where it has been ranked as a best place to work for two years running.

The problem

Listed on Forbes' "Next Billion Dollar Startups" in 2019, Workrise was one of the energy industry's fastest-growing tech startups in 2019. The company needed to find new ways of sourcing top-notch talent, according to James Gorman, Senior Director of Data & Analytics at Workrise.

"We want to diversify our hiring pipeline and find different avenues for bringing in engineers," Gorman said.

The Howdy solution: Streamlined hiring of superior candidates

Howdy was one of several hiring partners Workrise tested. Immediately, Howdy stood out for its superior candidates and ultra-efficient hiring process.

"Howdy is the fastest pipeline that we found," Gorman said. "In terms of the time it takes to get a good candidate in the door, Howdy is the best option."

Quickly after partnering with Howdy, Workrise was able to identify promising potential candidates.

"We had interviews that went well and the rest is history," Gorman recalled.

The outcome: Team interconnectivity and long-term retention

In the nearly four years that followed, Howdy helped Workrise expand its team by 17 software engineers, one artificial intelligence and machine learning (AIML) engineer and one data analyst.

Gorman said the team has particularly appreciated the human touch Howdy brings to hiring and onboarding.

"It doesn't feel transactional," Gorman said. "Howdy hires join us and feel like an extension of the team."

Howdy engineers come "greased" with sharp communication skills and a sense of community, Gorman said.

"We always try to have one or two Howdy engineers in each team because they come with a web of interconnectivity," he said. "We've noticed it's been good for our communications and coordination structure across teams."

Another major perk of hiring through Howdy, according to Gorman? An ultra-low employee churn rate.

"Howdy has the lowest churn rate for contract employees [I've ever seen]," Gorman said.

Almost four years after they were hired, several Howdy engineers are still on the job. Howdy devs cite a supportive, dynamic atmosphere as part of the reason the professional relationship has been a fantastic fit.

"Every day is a learning experience at Workrise," said Manuel Ignacio Roca, a Software Engineer based in Argentina who has been with the company since 2021. "The opportunity to lead projects and collaborate with top-tier engineers has helped me grow not just my technical expertise but my interpersonal skills."

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