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ÁLvaro A.
Full-stack Product Engineer
Amazon Aws
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A Full Stack Developer specializing in the creation and maintenance of complex software systems manages the development of a People View platform. Previously served in a long-term role as a Full Stack Developer where responsibilities encompassed the pioneering of e-learning systems and the implementation of integrated office productivity tools. An academic background in Internet Systems provides a solid foundation, complemented by three years of specialized experience in React.js and Node.js ecosystems.

Demonstrates proficient technical skills across a range of programming languages, including JavaScript, TypeScript, and PHP. Expertise in front-end technologies encompasses React.js, complete with Hooks and Context API, as well as advanced styling techniques using CSS3, HTML5, SASS, Styled-Components, and Chakra UI. On the back-end, considerable experience in creating RESTful APIs using Node.js (Express) and familiarity with PHP ensures robust server-side logic.

Database management capabilities include significant experience with MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. Documentation skills are evidenced by proficiency with Swagger, and version control expertise is maintained through Git. A solid understanding of microservices architecture is supported by practical knowledge of AWS, specifically S3, with substantial experience deploying applications on platforms such as Vercel, Heroku, and cPanel.

Currently, efforts are focused on expanding expertise in TypeScript, React Native, and NextJS. Projects involve exploring docker-compose, serverless architectures, integrating payment systems via Stripe, familiarizing with FaunaDB for database management, employing webhooks effectively, and mastering the use of JAMStack technology with Prismic for content management.

GitHub profile is accessible at