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Barbara P.
Principal Engineer
Amazon Aws

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Barbara Pascon is a Fullstack Developer with extensive experience in software engineering, specializing in the creation of innovative solutions across various sectors. The professional path includes roles as a Big Data Developer, Fullstack Web and Mobile Developer, BackEnd Developer, and Fullstack Developer. Expertise has been demonstrated in managing large data sets using Java and Scala, developing customer support chatbots integrated with WhatsApp and web platforms utilizing Angular, Ionic, and Node.js, and contributing to backend development using the Watson platform, IBM Cloud, and MongoDB.

In addition, proficiency extends to enhancing JAVA APIs and user interface development with Angular, particularly in contexts requiring complex systems and legacy integration. Academic credentials include a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering and an MBA in Software Architecture and Solutions. Technical skillset encompasses Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, Angular, Big Data technologies, and Cloud platforms, supported by a strong foundation in database management and Agile methodologies.

With a commitment to leveraging technology for impactful solutions and a continuous drive for learning and innovation, a valuable contribution to any team is ensured.