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Fabrício D.
Full-stack Product Engineer
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A mobile and web developer specializing in Dart/Flutter and PHP/Laravel, with a focus on management, data persistence, and design patterns such as Singleton, repositories, API constructions, broadcasting, and queuing. The developer has significant experience in web projects utilizing PHP with the Laravel framework and Javascript with Vue.js, and is proficient in database management using MySQL and SQL Server. Expertise extends to CSS, Bootstrap with Mobile First and BEM methodologies, and HTML with semantic tagging.

Proficient in employing Docker, AWS S3 services, Digital Ocean platform deployment, and Linux systems administration. Holds an undergraduate degree in Information Technology Management and a postgraduate degree in Business Intelligence, consistently applying this educational background to develop mobile and web applications while actively pursuing continual learning for improved delivery.

Project experience includes upgrading the Docker environment from PHP 7.2 to 8.2 with LEMP stack configuration and updating Laravel from version 6 to 10 without auxiliary tools. Developed a complete Pix payment module integrated with Laravel and Vue.js for service, and transitioned file storage from Laravel's public storage to AWS S3 with appropriate bucket rules configuration. Created a comprehensive facial validation module employing Laravel and Vue.js, integrated with Serpro's Datavalid API. Restructured customer registration modules using broadcasting techniques and incorporated DTOs within an enhanced layer of Laravel MVC architecture via repositories. Developed a mobile application from scratch using Dart & Flutter, integrating various Firebase features for client-side data persistence. Automated database backups on AWS S3 through Linux server crontab and generated managerial, analytical, and synthetic reports directly through SQL without relying on ORM.