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A career centered on processes, systems, and statistics defines my professional trajectory, with a focus on leveraging these elements to generate optimal solutions. As an engineer, I continually hone skills in each discipline independently and in combination.

My journey began in 2011 against the backdrop of devastating floods and mudslides in Rio de Janeiro's highlands. Volunteering at a local Baptist church, I created processes, spreadsheets, and reports to efficiently manage donations. This initiative successfully documented over 50 tons of food and registered more than 500 families within a month, showcasing the critical importance of these tools.

During my academic tenure, I served as a tutor in Statistics, aiding engineering students and leading 86% to achieve above-average grades over two semesters. As a researcher at the university's sustainable systems study center, I earned two solar energy certificates through a UN training program. Additionally, I participated in a robotics project, where my leadership resulted in our team winning a line-follower robot challenge by being the only group to produce a fully functional robot within the given timeframe.

These collective experiences facilitated my entry into Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus as an intern in the Purchasing Department. There, I developed new databases, metrics, dashboards, and proposed a knowledge management intranet system for the entire company. I also managed change processes for electrical parts, achieving zero pending or delayed analyses.

Currently, I oversee process mapping, IT systems, and statistical reporting for New Programs, Forward Sourcing, and Special Vehicles purchasing divisions. As the SAP MM Key User, I offer technical support, fulfill requirements, and collaborate on testing and enhancements with IBM. Beyond my regular responsibilities, I am actively developing new solutions utilizing databases, scripting, data visualization, and other BI technologies, while nearing the completion of my Master’s Degree.

In essence, my commitment lies in fostering an efficient work environment for my colleagues and delivering superior results for my organization.