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Exenta Shopfloor

Exenta Shopfloor is a component of the Exenta ERP software suite aimed at apparel and soft goods manufacturers, enabling real-time tracking of production activities. The software captures data on production progress, labor utilization, machine downtime, and order completion rates, offering detailed insights into shop floor operations. Its integration with other modules within the Exenta system—such as planning, inventory management, and supply chain functions—facilitates faster decision-making by providing accurate information on production status.

The software stands out for its ability to meet the specific needs of apparel and soft goods manufacturers through its real-time tracking features and comprehensive data collection tools. By capturing essential operational metrics like labor usage and machine performance, it offers valuable insights that enhance decision-making processes. This integrated approach ensures streamlined operations across various departments within manufacturing organizations, ultimately aiming to optimize production efficiency and improve overall operational visibility.

In a competitive landscape featuring products like ShopFloorConnect, Fast React Systems, and AIMS 360, Exenta Shopfloor distinguishes itself through its specialized focus on the fashion industry's unique requirements. Its seamless integration with other ERP modules allows for quicker responses based on precise data from shop floor activities. By offering robust tools tailored to boost productivity and informed decision-making in apparel manufacturing environments, Exenta Shopfloor provides a significant competitive edge for companies looking to streamline their operations and improve performance in the market.

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