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Carlos D.
Visual Basic .Net
Visual Basic

A Computer Science graduate with extensive experience, this professional's career trajectory has progressed from technical support in commercial automation systems to the role of CTO. With over a decade of experience in software development, beginning in 2006, specialization areas include T-SQL (SQL Server) and C#, with a strong focus on code refactoring, functionality enhancement, and componentization using ASP.NET. Proficiency encompasses building a diverse range of applications, including Windows Forms and WebAPI with ASP.NET Core, integrating advanced features from Angular and React.

The professional's expertise extends beyond development to include working with PL-SQL (Oracle), PSQL (Firebird), and PL-PGSQL (Postgres) across both front-end and back-end layers. Since 2014, additional focus has been placed on integrating electronic devices and firmware, with communication capabilities via serial port, USB, and TCP-IP.

Skills in leadership and management complement technical proficiency. Responsibilities have included leading development and infrastructure teams, managing projects, and negotiating strategic partnerships. Ensured operational server functions and managed IT assets effectively. Designed network and database virtualization solutions and developed mobile applications for Android and iOS, thereby enhancing productivity and providing valuable information accessible anywhere, any time.

Efforts in system and device integration emphasize process optimization by eliminating redundancy and ensuring exceptional experiences for both clients and employees. Proven track record includes designing tailored systems from scratch and transforming outdated legacy systems into modern, efficient solutions.

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