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Cristiano D.
DevOps Engineer
Docker Cloud

With over 15 years of experience in technology, specializing in the retail sector, the candidate possesses a robust background in infrastructure management. Their expertise includes implementing open-source solutions and utilizing Linux for applications such as telephony, monitoring, and task automation, while also leveraging Windows for essential tasks such as ERP software, directory services, and Office 365. Proficiency in Python for automation projects, coupled with the extensive use of PowerShell and C# from a Windows-based background, highlights their technical versatility.

In a pivotal role, the candidate led the migration of locally developed infrastructure to Oracle Cloud, a strategic decision driven by ERP dependencies on Oracle Database, which resulted in significant cost savings. Their involvement extended to the deployment of a Kubernetes cluster with GKE as part of a BI/Data project using Apache Superset.

Passionate about modern tech stacks, their interest in Docker ignited a strong advocacy for containerization technology, Kubernetes, and Terraform. Seeking positions that align with their vision and values, the candidate aspires to contribute to initiatives with a meaningful societal impact within supportive and forward-thinking environments.

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