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Ednaldo T.
Front-end UX Engineer

A seasoned professional with over three decades of experience in web development, specializing in large-scale projects and both monolithic and hexagonal (ports and adapters) architectures. Demonstrates a proficient command of agile project management methodologies, software solutions, IT services, and operations with a meticulous adherence to TDD, DDD, and Clean Code principles. Possesses extensive technical expertise in Java (6 years), Node.JS (3 years), and a comprehensive suite of microservices within the Spring ecosystem, including Spring Data, Spring Cloud, Spring Security, service discovery, API gateway, load balancing, and synchronous/asynchronous communication using Apache Kafka.

Expertise extends to front-end technologies such as React.JS, modern JavaScript (ECMA6), Next.JS, Delphi, and relational database management systems including MySQL, SQLServer, and PostgreSQL, as well as non-relational databases like MongoDB. Proficient in messaging and interconnection technologies (RabbitMQ and Apache Kafka) and DevOps orchestration tools (Kubernetes).

In previous roles, served as Head of the IT Section at both the 12th Armored Combat Engineering Battalion – Brazilian Army, and the 8th Military Police Battalion – Brazilian Army, with a focus on HTML, jQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and CSS. Additionally, as Developer Analyst at the Military's 2nd Region Command, led the development of personnel systems using Java Server Faces, CDI, and Wildfly.

From 2020 to 2023, engaged in freelance work developing virtual stores and service courses utilizing a diverse technology stack that included Java Server Faces with Prime Faces, CDI, Wildfly, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB in extensive microservices architectures, leveraging the Spring Ecosystem, RabbitMQ for messaging, Keycloak for authorization, Docker for image development, Redis, Git for version control, GitHub, React Native, and Node.JS, demonstrating versatility across multiple platforms.

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