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Jhonatan D.
Full-stack Product Engineer
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Docker Cloud
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With over 14 years of experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, the candidate has completed more than a hundred projects encompassing institutional websites, blogs, news portals, e-commerce platforms, software applications, and APIs. This work includes integrations with social networks and services such as mail order and payment systems.

The candidate's expertise includes Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), design patterns, API development and integration, relational database management, containerization, system integration, product development, and management. Proficiency in PHP 8 with composer, frameworks such as Lumen/Laravel, OpenCart, MySQL/MariaDB databases on Linux platforms, and Vue.js 3 is well established.

Knowledge in programming best practices includes SOLID principles, Clean Code, and advanced software architecture from MVC patterns to Hexagonal Architecture and Domain-Driven Design (DDD). The candidate is experienced in Agile methodologies, automated testing, cloud services with a focus on GCP, and business process mapping using BPMN tools.

Demonstrated leadership capabilities include successful team collaboration and management of developers and digital marketers. Technical proficiency extends to Node.js with frameworks such as Express or LoopBack, MongoDB database management, DevOps practices, and Shell/Bash scripting for CI/CD optimization.

The candidate is recognized for exceptional patience in managing demanding clients, coupled with strong oral and written communication skills.

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