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João V.
Full-stack Product Engineer
Docker Cloud
Google Cloud

As a software engineer, I specialize in the development of web applications that support consulting services in Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and Blockchain solutions. My role encompasses full-stack development, leveraging technologies such as Go, MongoDB, ReactJS, NextJS, TypeScript, and D3.js to construct both backend and frontend components. Collaboration with other developers and clients is integral to my work to ensure the delivery of high-quality and functional products.

With over six years of experience in software engineering, my expertise lies particularly in complex API services. My technical repertoire includes C# .NET, Golang, JavaScript, and C++. My experience extends to monitoring tools like Kibana and Grafana, and I have utilized GitHub Actions for streamlined deployment to GCP applications. My database management proficiency covers MongoDB and Postgres.

Previous projects have seen me engage with React, TypeScript, JavaScript, and NodeJS. I have also conducted research and development in technological initiatives, such as designing a data control system for IoT devices.

I hold a bachelor's degree in computer engineering, during which I developed projects combining hardware and software, specifically working with Arduino processors.

Driven by a passion for learning and applying new technologies to address real-world challenges, I continuously seek opportunities to enhance my skills and broaden my knowledge. I am committed to teamwork, innovation, and maintaining high standards of quality in all my endeavors.

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