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Junio D.
Full-stack Product Engineer
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User Experience professional possessing a distinctive combination of creativity, attention to detail, and empathy, committed to enhancing user experiences through innovative solutions. Demonstrates extensive proficiency in backend development using PHP Vanilla, Zend Framework, CodeIgniter, Slim Framework, Laravel, and PHPUnit, with substantial experience in building RESTful APIs and integrations. Frontend development skills cover JavaScript (Vanilla and jQuery), as well as TypeScript with Angular and VueJS. Adept at working with databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server, and skilled in employing Jira for task management and Slack for communication purposes. Knowledgeable in Docker environments, with a track record of developing shared libraries for microservices using the Slim Framework. Adheres to SOLID principles and clean code practices.

The programming journey began in adolescence, managing a multiplayer online game server and modifying PHP websites for user registrations. Technical expertise was further developed through professional courses and a technical degree in computer science. Demonstrates capability in handling projects of various scales across multiple sectors, consistently pursuing creative solutions that significantly impact user experiences.

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