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Lucas G.
Front-end UX Engineer
Cascading Style Sheets
Apollo Graphql

Front End Developer with a focused interest in contributing to projects with cultural or social significance. Possesses six years of experience in product development across a range of scales, with a particular concentration in the Telecommunications and Education sectors. Known for meticulous attention to detail and active engagement in all project phases, fostering effective team collaboration. Dedicated to creating visually appealing applications with strong design elements, consistently seeking and valuing colleague feedback.

Proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Svelte, Nuxt, and Next.js, with specialized expertise in leveraging Vue.js and Vuex for enhanced functionality. Committed to mentoring other developers and supporting newcomers to the programming field.

Engages in continual personal development through the creation of personal projects and skill acquisition. Aspires to produce work that benefits the local community.

Outside of professional activities, enjoys role-playing games, watching movies and series, and reading science fiction literature.

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