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Marcus V.
Product Manager
Google Analytics

Product Manager with extensive experience in developing and executing data-driven and platform strategies across sectors including e-commerce, finance, and services, specializing in Product Lifecycle Management, Go-to-Market Strategies, and Product Innovation.

Achievements include leading cross-functional teams and driving product development to ensure collaborative solutions; conducting comprehensive market research and leveraging data analytics to design and execute product roadmaps; and launching and scaling products that generated significant revenue growth and improved customer experience.

The approach includes decoding customer needs through user behavior analysis and customer journey mapping to develop resonant products; using data-driven insights for informed product decisions and product-market fit evaluations; and advocating for user-centered design and minimum viable product strategies. With a foundation in IT and expertise in Agile methodologies, Scrum frameworks, and product analytics tools, alignment with the latest best practices in product management is consistently maintained.

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