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Mayanne C.
Product Manager
Microsoft Excel (Advanced Analytics Add-ons)

A professional with over six years of expertise in Product Management, including roles such as Product Manager, Product Owner, and Senior Requirements Analyst, demonstrating proficiency from discovery to delivery phases. Experienced in the strategic, tactical, and operational facets of product development within B2C, B2B, and B2B2C models.

Managed hospital management and audit products with a focus on leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance process quality and efficiency. Contributed significantly to the ideation and development of a mobile application for beneficiaries and doctors associated with one of the nation’s leading health plans. Played a pivotal role in the expansion of recruitment platforms, optimizing hiring processes for large and medium-sized national companies and helping to mitigate unemployment rates in Brazil.

Spearheaded the development of a fully digital enrollment product for public schools in the state of Piauí, thereby improving registration flexibility for students and guardians.

Employs a data-driven, multidisciplinary, and creative approach, prioritizing results and end-user experience. Effectively manages stakeholders, roadmaps, OKRs, metrics, and practices Agile methodologies.

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