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Rafael A.
Front-end UX Engineer
Cascading Style Sheets
Amazon Aws

A seasoned developer with over a decade of experience in programming possesses a deep understanding and robust skill set in multiple technologies such as HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and various frameworks. Proven proficiency in agile methodologies ensures proficient project management and the delivery of high-quality results within stipulated deadlines. Expertise in database management guarantees optimal performance and well-structured applications.

Additional proficiencies include advanced use of tools like Excel and Google's product suite, including Analytics, Google Ads, Looker Studios, and SEO, enabling comprehensive data analysis, campaign optimization, and provision of actionable insights for enhanced online business performance.

Consistent in the pursuit of new challenges and opportunities, focused on the application of technical expertise and creativity to develop innovative solutions. Open to discussions on how this specialized skill set can drive the success of any project.

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