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Ricardo R.
Back-end and Systems Engineer
Ruby On Rails
Amazon Aws

R developer with expertise in utilizing RStudio to create applications, dashboards, and ETL scripts within the R ecosystem, including Shiny, Tidyverse, and DBI. Proficient in full-stack development using the Ruby on Rails framework, with a solid understanding of MVC architecture. Experienced in designing relational database schemas and deploying APIs using frameworks such as Express (Node.js), Kemal (Crystal), and Plumber (R), accompanied by monitoring tools like PM2 and systemd. Skilled in API testing and handling through Postman, with comprehensive knowledge in SQL, PowerBI, and Excel. Familiar with Cloud environments and committed to ongoing professional development through documentation review. Experienced in data pipeline schematization using Airbyte, Pentaho, and Mage, with an emphasis on scheduled cadences. Proficient in forecasting time series data using models such as prophet, ARIMA, ETS, and Holt-Winters. Well-versed in Machine Learning algorithms, including artificial neural networks, probabilistic theorems, decision trees, as well as linear and logistic regressions. Experienced in code versioning tools such as Git and knowledgeable about the Linux environment, including various distributions, cronjobs, terminal use, and system structure management.

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