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Vanessa L.
Product Manager

A proven record of achievements highlights unwavering determination in pursuing innovation and accomplishing notable goals in every project undertaken. The development of innovative digital products and significant enhancements to customer experience have been primary focuses.

Possessing a versatile background, experience has covered sectors including editorial work and the food industry. Over the past 14 years, contributions have primarily been in the financial market, working with leading institutions. A genuine passion for the work is demonstrated by the ability to navigate diverse markets effectively.

Strategic roles have provided a comprehensive understanding of the product ecosystem, with experience in Specialized Products, Pricing, Risk Management, and Product Development. This broad perspective has fostered the creation of innovative, profitable, and sustainable products with a strong emphasis on customer experience.

Significant accomplishments include building and leading high-performance teams, firmly believing in the power of collaboration and synergy among talented professionals.

Ethical principles and purpose are paramount when choosing companies to admire and engage with, forming the foundation of vision and actions.

Holding a degree in Marketing and an MBA in Business Management.

This summary reflects a career marked by tireless dedication to delivering valuable and relevant solutions to clients and businesses, underscoring the driving force behind ongoing inspiration and effort.

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