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El Retiro

Howdy Bogotá is located in El Retiro, a vibrant barrio with international eateries, designer boutiques and tree-shaded streets. Our animated barrio is a treasure trove of chic boutiques, swanky shopping malls, gourmet eateries, and posh cocktail bars. El Retiro is also home to Zona Rosa, a renowned entertainment district spot that comes alive with well-dressed rolos (a nickname for people from Bogotá) on weekends.

About Bogotá

Perched 8,600 feet above sea level, Bogotá — aka la nevera — earned its nickname with its cool, overcast weather that hovers around 44°F to 66°F year-round. But don't let the chilly temperatures scare you away: What Colombia's sprawling capital lacks in balmy weather it makes up for with world-class museums, historic architecture, raucous party districts, a stellar dining scene, and a sophisticated, bohemian vibe.

Bogotá is divided into different barrios or neighborhoods, each with a distinct atmosphere and personality. La Candelaria, Bogotá’s oldest barrio, enchants with colonial architecture, street art, and museums. Chapinero, on the other hand, is quirky, cool, and plentiful with boutiques, bistros, gastro pubs and live music joints. Up in Usaquén, colonial history shines through Spanish-style architecture, cobbled streets, and a pretty plaza overlooked by a centuries-old church. El Retiro — home of the Howdy office — is an upscale, sensory experience on its own.

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Howdy's Favorite Bogotá Spots
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Storia D'Amore icon

Storia D'Amore

Cra. 13 #82-36

Trendy Italian restaurant with a large wine selection and exceptional desserts. Five-minute walk from the Howdy office.
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Malaflor icon


Cl. 83 #12A - 36

Colorful, multistory establishment serving up imaginative cocktails. Popular among happy houring Howdy players.
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La Puerta Falsa icon

La Puerta Falsa

Cl. 11 #6-50

One of Bogotá's oldest eateries, La Puerta Falsa serves up the best tamales in town.
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