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Howdy Santiago is a modern, plant-filled space where we host weekly lunches, and visitors get treated to a warm welcome from the office dog, Bubby.

The Howdy office is located in Providencia, the city's sophisticated food and fashion district. Our pedestrian-friendly barrio is a treasure trove of designer boutiques, hip restaurants, live music joints, and lively beer bars. Providencia is also home to South America's tallest tower — the Gran Torre Santiago in the massive Costanera Center mall — which has an observatory offering spectacular sunset views

About Santiago

Santiago is Chile's beating heart, a modern metropolis cradled between snow-capped Andes mountains and the rolling Pacific coast. This is a city that blends European history with Latin American flair, where trendy boutiques and hip eateries have sprouted up among centuries-old mansions and majestic cathedrals.

Locals — aka santiaguinos — are notorious for speaking a fast, distinct iteration of Spanish with an impressive amount of slang. Locals are also laid-back, friendly and forgiving — especially to foreigners — so don't be afraid to ask "¿como?" (can you repeat that?) if you can't understand.

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Howdy's Favorite Santiago Spots
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Bar Buena Barra icon

Bar Buena Barra

Gral. Holley 2308

A favorite among Howdy players. "Somehow, we always end up there," says Howdy Office Admin Annie Chacín.
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Elkika Ilmenau icon

Elkika Ilmenau

Av. Hernando de Aguirre 47

Time-honored eatery dishing out traditional German and Chilean eats. 10-minute walk from the Howdy office.
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Parque Bicentenario icon

Parque Bicentenario

Av. Bicentenario 3236

Sprawling park with lagoon, food trucks, and downtown views.
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