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AgentSpeak is a high-level agent-oriented programming language for modeling intelligent systems. It was designed to be used in the development of Artificial Intelligence applications and agents. AgentSpeak provides constructs that allow developers to define agents, their beliefs, goals, and capabilities using principles derived from philosophy and cognitive science. The language was heavily influenced by the BDI (Belief-Desire-Intention) model of agency, which emphasizes how an intelligent agent's actions are driven by its beliefs about the world, its desires or goals it seeks to achieve and intentions about how it will act upon those desires. This allows for a more human-like behavior in artificial agents modeled using this language. AgentSpeak has evolved over time with different variants such as AgentSpeak(L), BDI-AgentSpeak and Jason being developed to extend or simplify aspects of the original design while staying true to its core principles of multi-agent system design.

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