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Inform is an engine specifically crafted for creating interactive fiction and text-based adventure games, highlighting storytelling without the reliance on graphics or sound effects. Developed by Graham Nelson in 1993, its design was inspired by the Z-machine format used by Infocom. Inform allows developers to write their stories using either Inform 7, which leverages natural language programming, or Inform 6, a more traditional coding language. This dual-language approach caters to different developer preferences and skill levels.

The engine's capability to compile games into various formats suitable for multiple platforms like web browsers and mobile devices enhances its accessibility. Continual updates from both Nelson and community contributions ensure that Inform remains a relevant tool while maintaining its core focus on narrative-driven experiences. This emphasis on storytelling and player immersion distinguishes it from other game development engines that prioritize visual or auditory elements.

Inform's main competitors—Twine, ChoiceScript, and Quest—offer different strengths in interactive fiction creation but emphasize aspects like branching narratives (Twine), choice-driven plots (ChoiceScript), or versatile game environments (Quest). What sets Inform apart is its support for complex narrative structures through specialized languages designed for rich text-based interactions. Its versatility in programming languages and ability to reach broad audiences via multiple platforms make it a unique choice for developers aiming to create deeply engaging text-based adventure games with intricate storylines.

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