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Maya Embedded Language

Maya Embedded Language (MEL) is a programming language used to customize and extend the functionality of Autodesk's 3D computer graphics software, Maya. MEL offers a straightforward syntax with an emphasis on ease of use for artists and animators who may not have extensive programming backgrounds. Although initially designed for simple scripting tasks and interface modifications that enhance user productivity, it's capable of executing complex operations within the Maya environment. Scripted commands can be called through buttons or keyboard shortcuts in custom toolbars, offering a way to automate repetitive tasks or create entirely new tools without directly using the native C++ API provided by Autodesk. MEL scripts are stored as plain text files with a .mel extension and executed within Maya's Script Editor or Command Line Interface. While not as powerful as other languages that can be used in conjunction with Maya such as Python or C++, MEL remains valuable for quick prototyping, pipeline simplifications, and supplementing regular workflow processes in animation studios and graphic design firms worldwide.

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