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XProfan is a programming language and an integrated development environment (IDE) specifically built for Windows systems, featuring a BASIC syntax enhanced with special commands for system programming and graphics handling. It includes essential tools like a compiler, a syntax-highlighting source-code editor, and a debugger, enabling developers to create standalone applications without the need for additional runtime libraries or external dependencies. XProfan was developed by the German software company XProfan GmbH.

A distinguishing feature of XProfan compared to other programming languages and IDEs such as Microsoft Visual Studio, Borland Delphi, and JetBrains' IntelliJ IDEA is its adherence to the BASIC syntax tradition while incorporating specialized commands tailored for system programming and graphics manipulation. This combination provides a more streamlined approach to application development, particularly appealing to those who favor BASIC-style programming or require specific functionalities in these areas. The capability of generating standalone applications without relying on external dependencies simplifies deployment processes.

XProfan offers competitive advantages through its focus on simplicity and efficiency in creating applications with system-specific features while providing developers with an integrated set of tools within its IDE. These include the ability to compile code directly within the platform, edit source code with syntax highlighting for better readability, and debug efficiently—all contributing to an intuitive development experience. Its emphasis on portability by not requiring additional libraries further enhances its attractiveness by ensuring that software developed using XProfan can be easily distributed and used across various systems without compatibility issues.

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