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Zscaler Private Access

Zscaler Private Access is a cloud-based security solution that leverages a zero-trust model to provide secure access to applications and services without exposing them to the public internet. By creating an identity-centric perimeter for each user, it ensures only authorized users can access specific applications, offering advanced network access control compared to traditional VPNs. The platform inspects all traffic in real-time, blocks malicious activities effectively, and grants organizations real-time visibility into their network's health through a centralized management console.

Developed by Zscaler, a leading cloud security provider known for its innovative cloud-based security products, Zscaler Private Access addresses the evolving cybersecurity needs of modern organizations. It was designed as part of Zscaler’s portfolio to tackle increasing cybersecurity challenges in a cloud-driven environment by providing a more secure and flexible alternative to traditional VPN solutions. Its standout features include using a zero-trust model for granular access control and inspecting traffic to block threats efficiently while offering centralized network visibility.

Facing competition from companies like Palo Alto Networks, Cisco Systems, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Check Point Software Technologies, and Akamai Technologies, Zscaler Private Access differentiates itself with its unique use of the zero-trust model. This model creates an identity-centric perimeter that enhances security beyond what conventional VPNs offer. The platform’s comprehensive threat protection through real-time traffic inspection and blocking of malicious activities further strengthens its competitive position. Additionally, the central management console provides invaluable real-time insights into network health. These capabilities make Zscaler Private Access particularly suitable for organizations seeking robust security solutions amid growing remote workforces and reliance on cloud-based applications.

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