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Geraldo J.
Full-stack Product Engineer
Docker Cloud
Amazon Aws

Geraldo holds a degree in Information Systems earned in 2013 and a master's degree in Computer Science, completed in 2019. As an experienced software engineer, he has designed and developed software solutions in various sectors including agribusiness, finance, education, commerce, and human resources. His professional journey encompasses working with multiple development languages, emphasizing the importance of selecting optimal solutions regardless of programming language or framework.

Geraldo maintains an interest in automated testing and is a proponent of SOLID principles, which he considers essential for creating high-quality software. His technical competencies include software development, automated testing, microservices, agile methodologies, AWS, Docker, and Git. He is communicative, a quick learner, flexible, organized, and resilient. Additional information about his experience and ongoing learning in various programming languages can be found on his GitHub profile.

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