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Luiz H.
Full-stack Product Engineer
Microsoft Sql Server
Oracle Database

Possesses a degree in Systems Analysis and Development Technology from UNIPAR, supplemented by an MBA in Data Science from IGTI. Brings over 15 years of experience in technology, specializing in web application development for the last 12 years. Professional background includes significant contributions to projects in various sectors such as e-commerce, telecommunications, banking, the public sector, and startups. Held leadership positions such as Tech Lead in product squads and managed development and management teams as Head of Technology. Provided mentorship and instruction, offering consultancy on projects and training for development teams and students.

Proficient in several programming languages and technologies including Javascript, Typescript, .NET and .NET Core, Java and Scala, Python, and PHP. Demonstrates extensive experience with databases like MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server, Oracle, and MongoDB, and utilizes frameworks such as Angular, React, Vue, Node, Django, ASP.NET Core, Laravel, and JSF. Additionally, skilled in using libraries like JQuery, Bootstrap, Chakra UI, Angular Material, and Primefaces.

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