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Marcos A.
Back-end and Systems Engineer
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Graduated in Information Systems from Centro Universitário Una and certified in SYDLE ONE Foundations, this candidate brings extensive experience as a Systems Analyst specializing in software analysis and development utilizing C# and the .NET platform with MVC and MVVM architectures, alongside languages such as JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, and HTML. Proficient in systemic testing with tools like RabbitMQ for messaging services, Selenium WebDriver, and AutoIT for automation, the candidate also has a strong command over SQL Server and MySQL databases, adept at creating procedures and views.

In a Senior IT Analyst role, significant expertise was demonstrated in process analysis and development using RPA Blue Prism, which focused on creating specific automations for continuous process improvement. Additional experience includes the development of system enhancements leveraging the .Net platform, JavaScript (knockout), and PL/SQL database from a previous Systems Analyst position.

Throughout their career, the application of Design Patterns principles such as SOLID, MVVM, Repositories, Dependency Injection, Command Pattern, and Unit of Work has been a hallmark of their work, along with the adoption of Domain-Driven Design (DDD) to align development teams and real-world requirements. Expertise extends to implementing services, microservices, API creation, and Web Services management.

The individual is adept in Agile methodologies, including Kanban and Scrum, tailored to specific project needs. Successful project leadership with international clients, particularly Spanish speakers, is a notable achievement. Presently, the candidate is pursuing English studies, aiming to reach an intermediate level and continually striving for improvement.

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