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Marcos V.
Back-end and Systems Engineer

A Web Developer with expertise in creating reusable components using Vue.js, managing states with Vuex, and integrating APIs for dynamic data retrieval. Specializes in automated testing, backend development with Quarkus, project management tools, and Oracle databases. Proficient in a range of technologies including Vuex, Java, Node.js, Web services, and Webpack, with strong problem-solving skills. Experienced in for testing automation with a focus on detail orientation, as well as front-end development using SQL and JavaScript, CSS for styling, and database management. Demonstrates proficiency in Git for version control, teamwork capabilities, mindfulness practices, continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD), and backend development.

Previously served as a Development Intern, focusing on utilizing JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to create interactive website features that enhance user experience. Engaged actively in developing technological solutions that address complex issues, optimizing application performance, and fostering collaborative skills within teams to continuously refine programming abilities.

Engaged in an internship executing R&D projects aligned with business strategies. Actively participated in programming competitions and hackathons, providing support for academic work and contributing towards automating the software development and deployment process. Developed resilient applications suitable for containerized and virtualized environments while analyzing application performance to identify root causes.

Eager to tackle challenges that broaden knowledge and skill sets as a Front-End Developer, with a commitment to continuous learning and applying best practices. Open to collaborating on projects or opportunities requiring expertise in developing innovative web applications and offering efficient, high-quality solutions.

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