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Matheus C.
Back-end and Systems Engineer
Cascading Style Sheets
Amazon Aws

Holder of a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems from the Federal University of Western Pará, specializing in programming challenges with a strong foundation in problem-solving and collaboration within team settings. An academic tenure at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden broadened perspectives and included a deep dive into Reinforcement Learning Algorithms. Possesses over two years of experience as a remote backend developer, with expertise in .NET, microservices, web API, Docker, DevOps (Azure), RabbitMQ, and Redis. Recently, a shift towards frontend technologies has led to proficiency in Angular, React, and Flutter. Contributions to Data Science projects as a Python developer and an internship as a frontend React developer, backed by an AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification, underscore a versatile skill set. Committed to professional growth and continuous learning to excel in the tech industry.

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