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Walber R.
UX Designer
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Senior UX/UI Design Specialist with 19 years of experience in Digital Interface Design and expertise in coordinating development and web teams. Holds academic credentials including a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Interface Design, a Specialization in Interaction Design, a degree in Information System for Web Design, and Post-Graduate degrees in Web 2.0 - Problem Solving and Information Security. Demonstrates considerable skill in the digital solution design process, with strong emphasis on problem understanding, strategic planning, research, data analysis, prototyping, and seamless integration with developers.

Extensive experience collaborating with various e-Gov agencies and a diverse range of commercial clients, applying advanced methodologies such as Agile, Lean UX based on MVP, and Dual Track Agile. Employs Design Thinking principles specifically targeted at Product Design for digital products and services within e-commerce and fintech industries.

The career portfolio encompasses engagements with notable distance learning programs, technology firms, development squads, fintech payment gateways, and health tech startups, contributing significantly to digital banks, e-commerce platforms, and other major corporate projects.

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