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Enterprise JavaBeans

Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) is a server-side software component that enables developers to write reusable business logic for enterprise applications. The EJB specification simplifies the construction of large-scale, distributed systems by mandating certain coding practices and design patterns. By handling complex, mission-critical processes in the backend, EJBs free client-side code from unnecessary burden while simultaneously providing features such as transaction management, persistence with Java Persistence API (JPA), security management through declarative security annotations or configuration files, concurrency control with container-managed threading and messaging services through JMS (Java Message Service) integration capabilities. Developed under the Java Platform Enterprise Edition (Java EE), EJB has various types—Session Beans for business logic operations, Message-Driven Beans for asynchronous communication via messages queues or topics and Entity Beans for modelling persistent data using ORM frameworks—that can be implemented by application servers which support the full spectrum of these components' features.

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