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Wendell M.

CEO with extensive experience in Information Technology and a specialization in .NET systems analysis and programming, alongside proficiency in SQL Server database administration. Over 17 years of industry expertise includes a thorough understanding of various methodologies and tools essential for effective IT solutions. Holds a degree in Information Security, equipping with advanced knowledge in data and system protection. Further enhanced technical and strategic acumen through an MBA in Digital Data Marketing, focusing on the utilization of data, digital marketing strategies, and innovation.

Proven track record in project development, adept in agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban, leading to successful project completions with high-quality outcomes. Extensive leadership experience in guiding teams towards achieving remarkable results.

A dedicated practitioner and advocate of Judo, whose principles of mutual respect, self-discipline, and continuous personal improvement are integral to both personal and professional life. These values underpin approaches to business challenges, ensuring resilience and perseverance.

Passionate about Artificial Intelligence, continually seeking innovative solutions and advancements. Committed to entrepreneurship, with a drive to create impactful market ventures.

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