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Qordoba is a content translation platform engineered for enterprises, leveraging AI to analyze and adapt content across multiple languages while ensuring linguistic coherence and cultural sensitivity. It automates writing processes by offering industry-specific style guides and grammar recommendations in line with a company's brand guidelines. The platform seamlessly integrates with major CMS and marketing tools, thereby streamlining the localization of websites, applications, product descriptions, and other marketing materials.

Founded by May Habib, who has a background in computational linguistics, Qordoba was created to tackle the challenges enterprises face in maintaining consistency and relevance in multilingual content. Habib's vision was to harness AI and automation to refine the translation and localization processes for businesses, aiming to enhance their global reach and engagement. By offering automated writing assistance featuring tailored style guides and grammar suggestions aligned with specific industries or brand guidelines, Qordoba aspires to help companies deliver culturally resonant content worldwide.

Qordoba differentiates itself from competitors like Smartling, One Hour Translation, and Lokalise by emphasizing linguistic consistency through its advanced AI capabilities. The platform not only provides personalized style guides but also integrates seamlessly with various CMS and marketing platforms for efficient localization of diverse content types. These features make it ideal for enterprises seeking precision in multilingual communication while adapting content across different languages without sacrificing cultural nuances or industry standards. This positioning underscores Qordoba's commitment to delivering a holistic solution that resonates on a global scale while maintaining brand integrity across markets.

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