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SAS is a comprehensive software suite utilized for advanced analytics, business intelligence, data management, and predictive analytics. It comprises tools for various tasks such as data processing, manipulation, and analysis, report creation, statistical modeling, business forecasting, and project management. SAS encompasses a graphical interface called SAS Enterprise Guide for non-programmer users to generate code through ready-made task flows or menu-driven options; it also features its proprietary programming language—Base SAS.

SAS Institute Inc., developed by Jim Goodnight and John Sall in the late 1960s at North Carolina State University and officially established in 1976, aims to provide advanced analytics and data management solutions. The software was created to meet the growing need for sophisticated data handling across industries. With its capabilities for handling complex datasets, generating reports and graphics, performing statistical calculations, and facilitating decision-making processes through insights derived from data analysis.

SAS faces competition from companies like IBM with its IBM SPSS Statistics and Cognos Analytics offerings; Microsoft with Power BI; Oracle with Data Mining solutions; SAP; as well as open-source alternatives like R and Python libraries. Despite this competition, SAS differentiates itself through its comprehensive suite covering functionalities including advanced analytics and business intelligence while emphasizing customization via Base SAS programming language. Its focus on user-friendliness with SAS Enterprise Guide caters to a broad spectrum of users—from non-programmers to experienced analysts—and maintains reliability through strong support services making it a favored choice among organizations seeking robust analytics solutions.

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