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Fabio A.
DevOps Engineer
Amazon Aws
Microsoft Azure
Docker Cloud
Microsoft Sql Server
Google Cloud

Specialist in corporate and multi-cloud solutions with over 16 years of experience in the technology field, focusing on infrastructure management, networking, device and server security, cloud applications, and migration services to the cloud (AWS). Actively involved in the digital transformation of significant companies across various sectors by applying best practices and technological innovation.

Expertise as a SysAdmin includes configuring and managing servers (GNU/Linux, RHEL, Windows, FreeBSD), extensive knowledge of routers and switches (Cisco, Dell, HP), and proficiency with NGFW Firewalls (Pfsense, Fortinet, Checkpoint). Skilled in Active Directory (AD, Samba4), SQL databases (MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL), and NoSQL databases (DynamoDB). Competence in indoor/outdoor WiFi solutions (Aruba, Ruckus, AeroHive, UniFi), Backup solutions (Netbackup), web servers (Apache, NGINX), DNS systems (Cloudflare, BIND, ADGuard, NXFilter), hypervisors (Vmware, Citrix Xenserver, XCP-ng), VoIP (Asterisk), and storage solutions (NAS, iSCSI, NFS). Holds a degree in Computer Networks and a postgraduate degree in Information Security.

Currently engaged in specializations in DevOps/DevSecOps with a focus on practical learning and continuous improvement. Proficient with tools such as GitHub, GitLab, Docker, Rancher, Kubernetes, Vagrant, Ansible, AWX, Terraform, Grafana, Elastic Cloud, and Zabbix, with emphasis on Serverless technology including AWS Lambda, AWS CloudFormation, AWS APIGateway, and AWS DynamoDB.

Previously served over 13 years in roles such as Infrastructure Analyst, Security Analyst, and IT Manager, focusing on leadership and mentoring young apprentices, many of whom have developed into outstanding technology professionals. Involved in continuous infrastructure improvement projects aimed at IT cost reduction (ITIL).

Actively participates in professional activities and projects, enjoys teaching and sharing knowledge, and has experience in educational roles. Enthusiastic about embracing challenges and achievements, and volunteers for humanitarian aid causes.

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