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Gianlucca V.
Full-stack Product Engineer
Amazon Aws

A Bachelor in Applied Mathematics from the State University of Campinas, with a focus on Financial Markets, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Management, and Entrepreneurship. Professional experience began with a financial planning internship, leading to a role as a Junior Financial Planning Analyst. Progression continued with a position as a Senior Analyst for Control and Management, overseeing supply costs and expenses. Transitioned into the role of Data Scientist, handling the creation and maintenance of dashboards, analyses, and predictive models, including machine learning and time series. Worked as a Data Analyst on the financial planning and analysis team, concentrating on dashboard development, data consolidation processes, and maintenance of credit analysis APIs.

Co-founded a company where responsibilities spanned software engineering, front-end and back-end development, and managing analytics events to generate insights on user experience metrics and business KPIs. Developed proprietary analytics solutions and dashboards. Currently, as the Tech Lead and Co-founder of a company that specializes in marketing carbon credits, oversees all technological aspects, from front-end to back-end development, data collection, and CO2e emission calculation methodologies compliant with the Brazilian GHG Protocol. This role has facilitated the enhancement of business acumen through product development from the ground up and has honed leadership skills through strategic decision-making essential for business growth.

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